Wild Poppy Stories: Rustic Wedding Celebration

July 31, 2015


Wild Poppy Juice was recently a featured beverage at the summer wedding celebration of Charisa Gamboa and Jeremy Van Driessche held at the orchards and barn of the Dana-Powers House in Central California. The rustic yet upscale setting, paired with the bride’s attention to detail and DIY touches, set the stage for an event that felt as authentic and real as the couple themselves.

The couple’s affinity for the natural and whimsical shined through in the simplest details – Mason jar chandeliers, a pie-bar instead of wedding cake, custom-built, stained and hand-lettered lawn games, event signage and centerpieces featuring bushels of greenery accented with lush white Ranunculus.

We spoke with Charisa after the big day and found out what inspired her choices, including serving Wild Poppy to her guests.


Tell us a bit about where Jeremy proposed.
We’d been hiking in the Conejo Ridge Open Space and stopped to rest under the most beautiful old, California Oak tree. All of a sudden, Jeremy was down on one knee. His words, the view – it all took my breath away. The area is so vast – and just captured everything we love about the outdoors and growing up here in California. What we wanted to do with our special day is to bring that same sense of natural awe and beauty to everyone we loved.

How did you select the Central Coast of California for your celebration?
When I first saw the setting, I just knew it was our place. Nipomo, where the venue is located, and the surrounding areas just offered so much in terms of California’s natural beauty. The spot – with orchards, rolling hills and green grass – is picture perfect and a backdrop I couldn’t wait to share with our family and friends.


Why did you decide to include Wild Poppy Juice as a part of your beverage service?
Our wedding actually marked my last night in California. It’s the only home I’ve known and where Jeremy and I grew up together. As a new bride to an Air Force husband, I’ll be moving to Mississippi for a few months and then we’ll be headed to Oklahoma. I wanted to offer something that fit in with the feeling of class and nature that our venue and menu had, but also something that had a sense of California to it. Wild Poppy fit perfectly. It’s crafted in California and even has the flag right on the glass bottle.

You also made Wild Poppy a part of your day by sending home guests with a bottle as a wedding favor.  Tell us about that.
The bottles are beautiful and with the sunlight streaming behind them I thought it would be an eye catcher and give everyone a bit of California flavor. What’s funny though, is they never did quite make it to being favors. During cocktail hour, our guests finished off the juice we had on ice and moved right on to the favor display we’d set up. By the time dinner started, there wasn’t a bottle of Wild Poppy left.


Thank you to the couple’s friends, family and wedding photographer Stacee Lianna for contributing the photos above.

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